Using a fund-raising business

What to expect when hiring a fund-raising business.

Some charitable organizations hire a business to:

  • conduct their solicitations
  • manage their fund-raising activities

All fund-raising businesses must be licensed in Alberta and provide a $25,000 security in the form of a surety bond, letter of credit, cash, or term deposit.

You can search to see if a fund-raising business is licensed in Alberta.

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Before you hire:

  • check the reputation of a fund-raising business by asking other charitable organizations that have hired them
  • research every fund-raising business you’re considering. Unsuitable behavior by a fundraiser can end in bad publicity, fewer donations and possible legal action
  • don’t enter into a fund-raising agreement in which the fund-raising business keeps most of the donations and little goes to the charitable purpose

Hiring a fund-raising business

A written agreement must exist between you and a fund-raising business if it’ll:

  • manage your fund-raising activities
  • ask donors for charitable contributions on your behalf

The written agreement must contain:

  • the terms and conditions to which both parties have agreed
  • the duties and responsibilities of both parties
  • an estimate of the contributions you expect
  • an estimate of the expenses and costs
  • a description of how the charitable contributions will be solicited
  • a description and specific price of any goods or services that’ll be sold 
  • the bank account where monetary contributions will be deposited
  • the address, contact name and phone number for both the charitable organization and the fund-raising business 
  • the amount you’ll pay the fund-raising business for their services through:
    • a specific amount of money
    • a specified percentage of the gross contributions
    • a combination of the two

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