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Procurement Services encourages competition whenever possible, and awards a contract based on the lowest or most cost-effective response.

The majority of Procurement Services’ acquisitions are posted on the Government of Alberta's electronic tendering system, Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC). Suppliers should obtain solicitation documents from APC to ensure that they receive updates to the documents in a timely manner. 

Electronic tendering system

1. Prepare a bid

Suppliers must agree to all of the terms and conditions of each solicitation. The Procurement Section's standard terms and conditions are posted on Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC). The solicitation document and contract represent the legal commitments between the supplier and the Government of Alberta.

Bid templates

Service Alberta has developed standard templates that are used for competitive processes managed by Procurement Services. 

Fixed Price Systems Development RFP Template (Version Date:  January 28, 2015)

Packaged Software RFP Template  (Version Date:  January 28, 2015)

For questions regarding templates, contact the Contract Centre of Excellence.
Phone: 780-427-4111

Names, makes and models

Manufacturers' names or models may be used to describe an item in a solicitation. However, it’s not meant to be restrictive, unless otherwise stated. It’s meant to give the supplier an idea of the type of item being purchased.  If a supplier quotes a different make/model, it must be clearly stated in their response. Manufacturers' specification sheets and literature must be provided by the supplier to show that the item they are quoting meets the minimum requirements. The supplier may have to provide a demonstration and/or samples to test if requested.


Suppliers' pricing must include all costs to complete delivery of the goods to the destination stated in the solicitation document, unless otherwise stated. The supplier is responsible for the goods in transit.

2. Submit a bid

Request for Proposal (RFP)

The response date, time and location will be indicated in the RFP. Please refer to each document individually for submission details.

All RFP responses must be received on or before the closing date and time, at the location indicated in the RFP, or the response will be rejected.

Fax responses to RFPs won’t be accepted.

Request for Quotes (RFQ)

Responses to a RFQ may be delivered by hand, courier, mail or fax, unless otherwise stated in the RFQ. The response date, time and location will be indicated in the RFQ documents.

Responses delivered by hand, courier or mail must arrive by the date, time and at the location indicated in the RFQ. Please refer to each document individually for submission details.

Responses, other than fax responses, should have the RFQ number and closing date clearly marked on a sealed envelope.

All RFQ responses must be received—or in the case of faxes, printed—on or before the closing date and time, and at the location indicated in the solicitation, or the response will be rejected.

The Government of Alberta is not responsible for any responses not received, or received late.

3. After you submit

Responses are opened publicly at 2:00 p.m. MST on the closing date and at the location specified in the solicitation.

What’s important to know

The Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) is an easy to use tool that lets public and private sector users manage, advertise, distribute, and download public purchasing opportunities for goods, services, and construction in Alberta. With APC, purchasers advertise opportunities for tender and vendors find opportunities to sell their products or services.

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