Responsibilities & requirements

Standards of practice

Fundraisers in Alberta must follow the eight Standards of Practice for charitable organizations and fundraising businesses.

Charitable organizations and fundraising businesses must:

  1. comply with all relevant municipal, provincial, and federal laws
  2. advocate, within the organization, to follow all laws and Standards of Practice that apply to the organization
  3. give donors the opportunity to have their names removed from lists that are sold, rented, or exchanged with other organizations
  4. not disclose any personal and confidential information about donors or prospective donors outside the work environment, and within the work environment only as appropriate 
  5. not take unfair advantage of a donor or prospective donor for their own advantage or benefit

Charitable organizations must:

  1. to the best of their ability, ensure contributions are used according to the donor’s intentions and obtain the consent of a donor or the donor’s representative before altering conditions of a gift 
  2. use accurate and consistent accounting methods that conform to appropriate Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) guidelines
    CICA guidelines (link)

The principals, directors, managers and employees of charitable organizations and fundraising businesses who must comply with these standards also must:

  1. effectively disclose to their organization all conflicts of interest and all situations that might be perceived as a conflict of interest

Forms and instructions for registering a charitable organization and licensing a fundraising business are available online.
Registering Charities

If fundraisers do not follow these standards, their registration or licence may be cancelled or suspended.

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