Release of motor vehicle information to serve court documents

How it works

You can request motor vehicle information to be released for legal reasons.

If you are involved in a legal dispute, you can apply for access to private motor vehicle information through the Alberta Motor Vehicles System (MOVES). The information must be used for serving legal documents.

What’s important to know

You will have to pay the applicable government and registry fees for a single search.

Finding the right information may require multiple searches.

Types of information

Depending on the situation, the Registrar may release the following information products:

  • Limited Demographics (LD) search report
  • Confirmation Letter (CL)
  • “Not Found” report

A Confirmation Letter is released if a Limited Demographics search report can’t be released.

A “Not Found” report is released when the Defendant can’t be identified on MOVES or if there are conflicts with the information provided in the Agreement and Claim.

The Registrar may use organizations, lawyers or law firms to confirm or release the last known address of the Defendant for service of documents.

Release of information

Information is released only for the purpose of:

  • serving court documents
  • verifying the address of the Defendant
  • proving to the court that you have attempted to serve the Defendant at their last known address

For detailed information and instructions on how to obtain protected motor vehicle information for the purpose of serving court documents please refer to the document below or contact a registry agent for assistance:

Release of Motor Vehicle Information for Service of Documents: Guide (PDF, 9 pages)