Registrations and renewals

How it works

Vehicles on a public roadway in Alberta must have valid insurance and a Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Vehicle Registration Certificate has:

  • the name of the registered owner
  • a description of the vehicle
  • the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • licence plate type
  • licence plate number

There are additional registration requirements for commercial vehicles. A commercial vehicle transports people or goods and is not used only as a private passenger vehicle.

Passenger vehicle registration is issued for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 2 years.

Commercial vehicle registration is issued for a minimum of 3 months to a maximum of 1 year.

Commercial vehicle registration requirements

What’s important to know

The vehicle you’re registering must be in Alberta.

A vehicle can be either a motor vehicle, such as a car or truck, or a non-motor vehicle such as a trailer.

Who can register

A person 18 or older

A person age 18 or older can register a vehicle by themselves.

A person under 18

A person under age 18 who is not self-supporting or married must have consent from their parent or guardian to register a vehicle for the first time. The person providing consent will sign the consent at the registry agent office.

New residents

If you are a new resident of Alberta, you must change your registration to an Alberta registration within 90 days of moving to Alberta.

Temporary workers

If you are a temporary worker in Alberta and driving a vehicle registered in another jurisdiction, you don’t have to register your vehicle if it’s driven in Alberta for less than 183 days in a calendar year. If your vehicle will be here longer, you must register it in Alberta.

A representative

If you can’t go to a registry office, another person can apply for a vehicle registration, renewal, cancellation or transfer on your behalf. The person requesting the service on your behalf must bring:

  • your proof of ownership document, proof of valid insurance, and their ID
  • a completed Authorization for Vehicle Services form, signed by you

Authorization for Vehicle Services (PDF, 1 page)