Responsibilities & requirements

Keeping records

Charitable organizations and fund-raising businesses must manage and maintain business records.

Charitable organizations and fund-raising businesses that make solicitations must maintain:

  • complete and accurate financial records of their operations in Alberta 
  • records of solicitations made in Alberta for at least 3  years after the solicitations are made

The Charitable Fund-raising Act gives government inspectors authority to enter and inspect the premises of a charitable organization or fund-raising business to ensure compliance with this Act and its regulation.

Financial records and records of solicitations include:

  • original copies of financial statements
  • samples of the information given to potential donors, including any solicitation materials and telephone scripts
  • copies of receipts for all monetary contributions
  • if a fund-raising business was used, a true copy of the fund-raising agreement
  • records of all transactions of the bank account used by the fund-raising business and a record of the names of the signing officers of the charitable organization authorized to deal with the account

Service Alberta may ask a charitable organization for its most recent financial statements.

Financial statements must itemize all of the following:

  • all expenses incurred to solicit contributions
  • gross contributions received
  • summary of disposition of contributions (with a separate description of each disposition equal to or greater than 10% of the gross contributions received)
  • total amount paid to employees of the charitable organization whose duties involve fundraising
  • amount paid to the fund-raising business used, if applicable

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