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Learn the rules your business must follow if it engages in fundraising.

If your business or organization asks Albertans to donate to a fund-raising campaign or solicits contributions that will be used for a charitable purpose, you must follow the rules set out in Alberta’s Charitable Fund-raising Act and Regulation.

These rules exist to protect potential donors from misleading and false donation requests. 

Charitable Fund-raising Act (PDF, 32 pages)
Charitable Fund-raising Regulation (PDF, 20 pages)

Rules for charitable organizations and fund-raising businesses

A charitable organization or fund-raising business:

  • can’t imply they are endorsed by the Government of Alberta
  • can’t claim that anyone sponsors or approves of their cause without the written consent of the parties involved
  • must use their best efforts to remove a person’s name from their donor list and stop sending requests for donations if asked to do so 
  • can’t say they’re asking for contributions to be used for a specific charitable purpose if the contributions will not be used in that way 
  • can’t make false statements or misrepresent facts in their solicitations

No one may ask for donations for any charitable purpose or organization or use their emblem or printed matter without the charitable organization’s written consent.

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