Fund-raising Campaigns

A charitable organization that anticipates getting more than $25,000 in contributions from Albertans during their financial year and all fund-raising businesses must give you the following information verbally or in writing. They must also allow you adequate time to review this information before they accept a contribution.

Information that must be provided to donors

  • the name of the charitable organization for which the donation is being requested
  • the cost of fundraising and how much they expect to raise
  • the charitable purpose that the contributions will be used for
  • the corporate and business address of the charitable organization and the place of incorporation (if applicable)
  • the name and phone number of a contact person employed by the charitable organizations whom the donor can call for further information

If the charitable organization is using a fund-raising business, they must also tell you:

  • the operating name and full legal name of the fund-raising business
  • whether they are being paid a specific dollar amount or a specified percentage of the contributions they raise

Information that must be provided on request

Any charitable organization or fund-raising business that asks for contributions must provide the following to anyone on request:

  • a copy of the organization’s most recent financial statement (a fee may be charged for photocopying and postage)
  • information about how and where the money will be spent
  • the percentage of the gross contributions that is spent directly for charitable purposes (and not for administration or other purposes)


Charitable organizations and fund-raising businesses must give you a receipt if you request one.

If you make a monetary contribution, request a receipt.

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