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Learn about the various types of searches and search products for corporations, non-profit organizations and business names.

You can request a search of Corporate Registry’s records for information about a current or formerly registered:

  • Alberta corporation
  • extra-provincial corporation
  • partnership
  • trade name
  • incorporated non-profit organization

Registry agents provide all of the search services listed below.

Registry agent product catalogue  (PDF, 25 pages)

Certified current search

  • displays specific types of information for profit and non-profit corporations and for registered trade names and partnerships
  • Information available can include:
    • registration date
    • owners
    • directors
    • legal addresses

Certified historical search

  • similar to a current search except that the information is for a specific date in the past

Certificate of status

  • provides confirmation of the current status of a corporation or incorporated non-profit organization
  • certificates of status are not available for trade names and partnerships

Historical certificate of status

  • similar to a current certificate of status except that status is confirmed for a specific date in the past

Certified copy of information

  • this is a certificate or proof of filing resulting from a specific registration for a particular corporation, non-profit organization, trade name or partnership

Certified copy of transaction

  • this is a list of the changes to information resulting from a registration for a corporation, non-profit organization, trade name or partnership

Certified copy of attachment to registration

  • this is a document that’s required to be submitted as part of a registration, e.g. court order, society bylaws, limited partnership agreement

Digital copy of attachment to registration

  • this is a digital copy of the attachment to registration, in PDF format

Certified copy of pre-1998 document

  • this is a certified copy of a registration document that was submitted prior to 1998, such as articles of incorporation, declaration of trade name or notice of director

Digital copy of pre-1998 document

  • prior to 1998, all registration information was submitted in paper format – these documents are now available in PDF format


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