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Find out who can register your corporation or business name.

Authorized registry agents can provide most registration services for your corporation, trade name or partnership.

Some law firms also provide registrations as part of their professional services to clients.


A registry agent will charge a service fee to review and record your information in the Corporate Registry computer system. Service fees aren’t regulated and may vary from one agent to another. There’s also a government fee for certain registrations.

Registry agent product catalogue (PDF, 25 pages)

Service Levels

Registrations are grouped into 3 service levels, depending on the complexity of the service. Some service providers will provide all 3 levels of services, while others may provide only one or 2 levels of service.

Level 1: Basic Registrations

Services include:

  • Annual return for corporation or limited liability partnership
  • Change of corporation address, shareholder, director, attorney or partner
  • Change of address for shareholder, director, partner or declarant
  • New partnership or trade name
  • Partnership amendment
  • Trade name or partnership cancellation
  • New West Partnership extra-provincial registration (optional)

Level 1 service providers

Level 2: Advanced Registration

Services include:

  • Incorporation/new registration
  • Continue into/out of Alberta
  • Revival/reinstatement
  • Dissolution/cancellation
  • Liquidation/receivership
  • Name change and selected other changes

Level 2 service providers

Level 3: Complex Registrations

Services include:

  • Amalgamation
  • Share structure and other fundamental changes (Alberta corporation)
  • Arrangement/reorganization/restatement (Alberta corporation)
  • Select revivals (Alberta corporation)

Level 3 service providers

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