Responsibilities & requirements

Financial reporting

Charitable organizations must have financial reports ready for examination and review.

A charitable organization must have its most recent financial statements prepared and ready to submit to Service Alberta upon request.

Copies of all solicitation materials, scripts and other documents may also be examined and reviewed.

The financial statements must identify:

  • all expenses incurred for the purpose of soliciting contributions
  • information on the gross contributions received
  • summary of how the contributions will be used (with a separate description of each disposition equal to or greater than 10% of the gross contributions received)
  • total amount paid to employees whose duties involve fundraising
  • amount paid to the fund-raising business used, if applicable

The financial statement must be signed by at least 2 directors of the charitable organization, stating they believe the information in the return is true.

The department has authority to enter premises and inspect, examine and copy books, records and other documents required under the Act, to ensure compliance with the legislation.

Providing false information in a solicitation or having incomplete or inaccurate records could result in a charitable organization’s registration being suspended or canceled, as well as prosecution under the Charitable Fund-raising Act.

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