Directory of Personal Information Banks

Each Alberta government department is required to have a directory of personal information banks (PIBs) and make it available to the public. A personal information bank lists the type of personal information held by a public body. 

The public can view a personal information bank to get information about:

  • The title or name of the information bank 

  • The location of the information bank 

  • What kind of personal information is contained in the information bank 

  • What categories of individuals the information pertains to 

  • Why the information was collected and how it is used or disclosed 

  • The legal authority for the collection of the information

A personal information bank does not provide direct access to an individual’s records. For further information on how to obtain personal records, contact:

Joanne Gardiner
Manager, FOIP Services
Phone: 780-422-7326  Fax: 780-427-1120